It is a fact that Webinars are one of the most profitable industries out there. They convert much higher than many other methods of online selling. You can follow this guide to learn how to make money from webinars.

Driving traffic to your website converts at about 1%. What this means is that you will make one sale for every 100 people that visit your website. Creating a webinar before your sales pitch can convert up to 10% which is 10 times more than normal online selling.

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You can sell webinar products for much more than normal products. The suggested minimum sales price is $297. Neil Patel used to run a webinar selling a product for $ 999. He sold his info product to more than 3% of webinar attendees and made more than $300 000 per month. He drove traffic to his site with Facebook adds.

How does it work though?

  • You will drive traffic to a website where a short video will invite people to register for your upcoming webinar.
  • During the webinar, you will teach people valuable info from your field of expertise.
  • You then offer a product or service for sale at the end of your webinar which will be a complete course or service.
  • There will be a link people can click to buy your product or service.

You have two choices to present your webinar. Live or prerecorded. Most people do a live webinar and then put it on repeat. Do not be intimidated by this since a prerecorded webinar will be just fine and this is the way I prefer it as well.

This is it in a nutshell. Let us take a deeper look into the whole process.

How to set up a landing page?

You need to create a landing page by either creating your own website or by creating a free website. You can head over to our premium domain name shop where we sell high-value dot com domains at a fraction of the price. We supply hosting as well and can help you to get your website up and running fast.

Another option is to start a free blog at and although you won’t have your own domain name it is still a good option to create a landing page.

Next, you will need to write a script to introduce yourself or your brand which will be used to make the webinar invitation video. If you are comfortable appearing on videos you can make the video yourself or head over to Fiverr and search for ‘Video Spokesperson’ to have someone create a video for you.

It is important to create an inviting video to ensure many registrations. If a lot of people sign up you will be sure to produce money from your webinars.

Once the video is created you can load it onto YouTube as an unlisted video and embed it into your website’s landing page.

How do you create the webinar?

Technically you can use OBS Studio which is a free open-source desktop application to present your webinar live. OBS Studio can capture your computer screen (PowerPoint Presentation) as well as your voice via microphone and stream it online.

If you want to prerecord the webinar, OBS Studio can do this as well for you. If you do not have Powerpoint for creating slides you can have a look at Libre Office. Libre is Spanish for free. Although you can download it for free they do have a ‘you set the amount’ donation option.

I personally use Reaper to edit videos. Reaper is actually a Digital Audio Workstation for audio but has basic video editing capabilities which are more than enough. You can easily clean up the start and end or remove unwanted sections of your video.

How to structure your webinar

Practically you need to create the content of your webinar in the following way. You should use this recipe to build rapport with the audience to ensure sales.

Write a catchy webinar title.

Use the word ‘you’ so that the audience can identify with the title. Provide the solution to their problem in the title. Go to SEOPressor if you need assistance with this.

Your webinar content may be amazing but if your title sucks you may lose people before they even sign up. A great title will ensure that you make money with webinars.

Create a great introduction of more or less 10 minutes.

Introduce yourself in a confident positive way telling them what they are going to be learning from you in the webinar.

Identify with your audience. The more you identify with them and touch on their pain and challenges the more they will feel understood.

Describe who you are and why you are sharing this information but do it in a way whereby you include the listener making them think your story is about them. Use the word ‘you’ often.

Explain why the audience will benefit from this webinar but do not give to much away. Keep it mysterious so that they will want to sit and watch.

Your webinar content should be more or less 40 minutes.

Give some of your best knowledge away so that people will go wow, I want more. You won’t be able to teach them everything in 40 minutes anyway.

Your webinar should not be a long sales pitch. If people find your teachings valuable they will trust you and it will be easier to generate money from your webinars.

You should structure your content in 3 or 5 steps. Guide your audience from knowing nothing or little to knowing something valuable they can actually apply after watching the webinar. Use a story at each step, if possible, to keep the audience engaged and make the content easier to absorb.

Recap all the steps quickly in one sentence each before going to the Sales Pitch.

Introduce your product in 10 minutes

Black text with white slides converts the same as when you’ve got branding and sometimes even better because it doesn’t give the impression that it’s a business trying to sell you something.

Your transition should be done smoothly. Ex. ‘If you’ve enjoyed this presentation and would like to learn how you can start implementing these strategies straight away we’ve put together a program called The Songwriting Master Method‘ as an example.

Remember you are not selling a product but offering them a solution to the goals they want to achieve. Provide a real solution and in return, you will be able to make money from webinars.

Next, you can say something like: Here’s what you are going to get and list each video in the series.

Focus 30% on features and 70% on benefits. People do not want the video training series they want the results of what the training can do for them.

You have to offer some extra bonuses to add more value to the package. An easy way to add extra bonuses is to give away Private Label Right (PLR) products with your main course to inflate the overall value. Big Product Store has more than 10 000 PLR products to choose from.

Make a list of bonuses together with your main course and add everything up. You need to reach a couple of thousand dollars in value and then offer the product not for $1997 or $997 but today only for the next 15 minutes for only $297.

Give a clear call to action directing them to your sales page. Also, offer a 30 or 60-day no-risk full refund.

How do people register for your webinar?

There are a few options. One of the best is a 3rd party service called WebinarJam which is a pretty awesome paid option. Once signed up for an account you will have the option to create a webinar that will supply you with a registration page. You need to create a link form your landing page to the Webinarjam registration page.

Another great thing about WebinarJam is that they can run your webinar automatically every 15 minutes on autopilot. This is great if you are driving high volumes of traffic to your landing page. This is an additional paid service on top of their basic service though.

How to create the course you sell?

You might feel overwhelmed by now with everything involved. Don’t, since it is only a couple of days work to this point. The payoff will be much greater than the few days of work.

Another benefit is that you only need to create the first video of the course. Once you get your first sale you can deliver the first video straight away and make the other videos day by day thereafter. Make sure to tell people during the webinar that the course will be delivered over a few weeks.

You can set up an automatic email sequence with Mailchimp to deliver these videos. 6-8 weeks is a good time to deliver the videos. Use easy language and examples in your videos. Each video can be as short as 5 – 10 minutes.

How do you drive traffic to your landing page?

You can make use of both free and paid traffic sources. Paid traffic has the advantage of being scalable. Once you have an advert that works, you can easily spend more on advertising to make more profit.

My best advice for free traffic would be to contact list owners in your field. This could be a blog owner with a list of email subscribers. Offer them an affiliate commission if they promote your webinar to their list. You should write out the email they must send to their list to make it as easy as possible for them.

The affiliate method is a simple way to produce money from webinars quickly.


Ultimately you can adapt this plan to your needs. Maybe you only want to facilitate the webinar for someone else who is an expert in their field. You can even get someone to do the website and marketing. All you need to do is manage, guide and administrate. Everyone involved will get a commission from product sales.

You could even do a webinar and sell an affiliate product. Think lazy. How can you reach your goal with the least amount of work? Follow these steps and you can start making money from webinars.

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To your success.

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