You can start an online training business even without having the knowledge needed to train people.

I used to be a bit of a loner when it came to starting businesses. The problem with this is that you are a liability to your business. If you do not work, there will be no money.

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One of the secrets to success is to partner with people who are better in their fields than you are. This startup idea will bring 3 or 4 experts together to form an online training business.

You may be the least qualified person but if you can organize you are set up for success. Your job would be to bring experts together and manage everything.

Your golden ticket is selling a digital product over and over again

This idea is all about selling online training courses since education is and forever will be a profitable market. People need money and money comes from working while a job comes through getting the need skills.

The problem with selling a service is that you have a limit on how much you can work (earn) in a day. You can only work so much in a day. Selling online training courses has unlimited potential since you can sell the same course over and over again.

You may decide to give training on video production and this will determine the experts you need to bring together. Here are some ideas on what you can give training on:

  • Web Developing
  • Computer Programming
  • Music Production
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing

These fields are only a few since the possibilities are endless.

Many young people do not go to university for many reasons. Your mission is to give them the training they can use to find a job or start their own business.

Let us choose Content Writing Training as an example business and create a roadmap you can follow.

Content writing is a much-needed field since news articles, blog posts, manuals for companies and books, etc. are always in demand.

How to start your business

You will need to find 3 experts, besides yourself, in the following fields:

  • An experienced Content Writer with a good track record. You can go over to Fiverr and look for Writers with fewer reviews but high ratings. Fewer since they are more likely to buy into your idea. Contact a few of them and pitch your idea to them. Search Youtube as well. You can contact someone who is professional and already making videos.
  • A Web Designer. This person will be responsible for creating and maintaining your website. You should make sure they can create online video courses. Fiverr or even sites like Freelancer have many people in this field. Competition is fierce on these platforms so you should find people willing to buy in on your concept.
  • An Internet Marketer. You can even try a site like Seoclerks to find someone to handle the marketing side of things. The rating system these sites have is valuable in finding experts. The Marketer will be responsible for driving traffic to your website.
  • Yourself. You will be responsible for admin and general management as well as any help any of the other partners may have.

The core of this business will be to provide online video training for people to gain the skills to start writing articles. They can get a fulltime ‘writing blog posts job’ or start working as a freelance writer.

Find a great dot com domain

You should decide on a good domain name for your venture since a memorable name will create a lot of return traffic. There are many domain extensions nowadays like dot site and dot pro but a dot com is still the king of online realty.

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Create an easy video course

The script and explanations in the video course should be as simple as possible with easy to understand language. No need to impress people with fancy terms and concepts that will blow right over their heads. If they like the course they will tell people about it.

You should make use of real examples since examples can go a long way in answering any questions a student might have.

Interactions are also very important. Let the students do a multiple question quiz after some videos or write a sample article that you can evaluate. This will force them to learn instead of just watching videos.

It is very important that you add a section on how students can make money with their knowledge. Things like freelancing, applying for a job and marketing themselves are important.

You should also award certificates to students who successfully pass the course. They can download their certificate or send a potential employer to your site to view their certificate.

How much money can you make?

You can easily ask $297 or more for such a valuable course. Make sure the course is jampacked with value and contains all the info needed for students to start out in the real world.

If you drive enough traffic to your website and have 150 new students per month the business venture could make $ 44 500 per month. Divide that by four and each party involved takes home $ 11 125 per month.

The great thing about this business model is that a lot of the work only needs to be done upfront. Once the course is created you only need to sell it over and over again.

There are going to be some ongoing work, especially on the marketing side. You and the other 2 partners should assist the Marketer if needed to keep things fair.

Remember that this model can be applied to many different fields and nothing stops you from creating multiple training sites like this.

To your success.

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